Farewell with D4VEOCRACY #4

D4VEOCRACY #4 is out today. This is the final issue of the third volume, completing the whole series. I was going to write a big, rambling think-piece about what’s it meant to Valentin and I, and what it’s done for us, but I’ll keep it short and sweet.

Thank you for the support and kindness throughout the series. Extra thanks go to Chris Roberson and Allison Baker for making this all happen, back when they let us put the first volume out through Monkeybrain, and their continued support. Extra thanks to David Hedgecock at IDW for continuing to let us tell these stories, and the unwavering support. Without those opportunities given, I would not have a career. I have been beyond fortunate to have been able to do 3 volumes of D4VE w/ Valentin.

We had a lot of help and support as well from peers, retailers, and readers. We thank you very, very much for that.

This is D4VEHQ signing out.