Encore: On Kennel Block Blues

January, 2017 sees the release of the Kennel Block Blues trade-paperback, the entire collected mini-series that came out earlier this year from Boom! Studios. During its creation, and in the months following its conclusion, I just can't shake what we achieved with this story. From Daniel Bayliss's art, Adam Metcalfe's colors, Colin Bell's letters, and the stellar editorial support from Eric Harburn and Mary Gumport, I can't believe we were able to bring this story to life in such a unique, vibrant, heartfelt way.

Though on the surface Kennel Block Blues follows hapless dog Oliver as he navigates the politics of pet prison, our aim was to dive so much deeper. Kennel Block Blues is about near-suffocating depression. It's about coping with abandonment. It's about losing something you love more than words can describe. It's about guilt. It's about mental health. How we cope. It's about animal welfare. It's about turning a blind eye. It's about humanity. It's about injustice. It's about so much more than what's on the cover. But it's also about hope. It's about singing and dancing. It's about expression. It's about love. 

And above and beyond that, Daniel, Adam, and Colin have taken my scripts and turned them into a story that is beyond beautiful. I truly believe everyone on this book has levelled up profoundly. I'm incredibly proud of this story, and honestly, I want more people to read it. I want more people to connect with it and experience what we're saying. I want people to laugh the way we did when we made each page, and cry like we did when we sat down late at night at the work table. As comics creators, we doubt ourselves and our work a huge amount of the time--but with Kennel Block, we don't. We've made something really special. Completely from the heart.

I genuinely love this story and these characters. If I died tomorrow, my gnarly-ass ghost would be proud that it was a part of this.

Anyways, that's my long-winded ramble asking you to consider pre-ordering Kennel Block Blues, out in January. You can use code SEP161411. Thank you!