"Criminy" Available Now + Launch Event

Criminy, the original, all-readers graphic novel written by Ryan Ferrier and illustrated by Roger Langridge is now available at comic shops, book stores, Amazon, and ComiXology!

Join writer Ryan Ferrier on Thursday, October 4 at Shelf Life Books in Calgary, AB to celebrate the release of Criminy with a special launch event—social, signing, and a Q&A with GeekNerdNet’s Chris Doucher from 7pm-9pm.


"Over the Garden Wall" SDCC Exclusive

I'm super excited to announce that I've written a one-shot/zine for the wonderful Boom! Studios/KaBoom!/Cartoon Network-licensed Over the Garden Wall. The 22 page, 7"x5" landscape-style comic titled Rock Facts! is beautifully illustrated by show artist Jim Campbell and will be available in very limited numbers only at San Diego Comic-Con this year (for, I believe, $5). 

This was an absolute blast to work on. If you haven't seen the Over the Garden Wall show, created by Patrick McHale, you really ought to fix that; it's beautiful, heartfelt, dark as hell at times, wildly irreverent, and genuinely funny. 

If you're at SDCC, hurry to the Boom! Studios booth to get your hands on a copy; they've got a ton of other show exclusives available too.

"Regular Show" Graphic Novel Out Now

My first graphic novel, Regular Show Vol. 4: Wrasslesplosion is out today; written by me, with art by Laura Howell, colors by Fred Stresing, lettered by Warren Montgomery, and a cover by Jorge Corona. 142 pages of ridiculous. 

This was a total blast to work on, it’s genuinely really funny, and I hope you give it a chance if you’re a fan of the show, or of my work. Big thanks to Boom! Studios and Cartoon Network for the chance to work on this.

It should be available in comic shops and book stores, or through comixology if digital is your thing.

Farewell with D4VEOCRACY #4

D4VEOCRACY #4 is out today. This is the final issue of the third volume, completing the whole series. I was going to write a big, rambling think-piece about what’s it meant to Valentin and I, and what it’s done for us, but I’ll keep it short and sweet.

Thank you for the support and kindness throughout the series. Extra thanks go to Chris Roberson and Allison Baker for making this all happen, back when they let us put the first volume out through Monkeybrain, and their continued support. Extra thanks to David Hedgecock at IDW for continuing to let us tell these stories, and the unwavering support. Without those opportunities given, I would not have a career. I have been beyond fortunate to have been able to do 3 volumes of D4VE w/ Valentin.

We had a lot of help and support as well from peers, retailers, and readers. We thank you very, very much for that.

This is D4VEHQ signing out.


I'm excited to announce that I'm one of the writers for the WWE Summerslam 2017 Special one-shot coming from Boom! Studios this August.

My story is a 16-page exploration of the infamous Boiler Room Brawl match deep within the legendary feud between Mankind and the Undertaker. The story really goes into the headspace of both competitors before and during the match, and is one of the most fun, creepy, and unsettling stories I've been fortunate to work on. 

Check it out in August. There's some killer talent involved in this huge issue, including Derek Fridolfs, Ross Thibodeaux, Box Brown, Aaron Gillespie, Kendall Goode, Derek Fridolfs, Rob Guillory, and Jorge Corona. Here's the solicit info and covers from Boom!: 

WWE Summerslam 2017 Special
Retail Price: $7.99
Writers: Ryan Ferrier, Derek Fridolfs, Ross Thibodeaux, Box Brown, Aaron Gillespie
Artists: Kendall Goode, Derek Fridolfs, Rob Guillory, Jorge Corona
Main Cover: Rob Schamberger
Variant Cover: Robbi Rodriguez
WWE What If? Match Variant Cover: Jim Rugg
Get ready for another round of slobberknocker short stories set throughout WWE history, tying into the fan-favorite annual pay-per-view event SummerSlam! Includes shorts about the Macho Man Randy Savage vs. Dusty Rhodes classic from 1990; 1991’s matchup between The Natural Disasters and The Bushwhackers; the Undertaker vs. Mankind Boiler Room Brawl from 1996; and the Finn Bálor vs. Seth Rollins match from 2016.

Ace Duck Returns in TMNT: DIMENSION X

I’m excited to be writing more TMNT for the Dimension X event this August. Chris Johnson and I are teaming up to introduce Ace Duck in TMNT: Dimension X #4

Check out the covers here, including art from Nic Pitarra and Kevin Eastman.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Dimension X #4
Ryan Ferrier (w) • Chris Johnson (a) • Nick Pitarra ©
The TMNT land on a planet of criminals and lowlifes. In these surroundings, one heroic pilot is on the lam from the most powerful crime boss on the planet: a pilot named Ace Duck!
FC • 32 pages • $3.99

WWE #4 On Sale This Week

Got my comps for WWE #4, which features a Bray Wyatt backup comic I wrote, Clay McCormack illustrated, Dee Cunniffe colored, and Jim Campbell lettered. Pick it up in stores tomorrow, April 26, from BOOM! Studios.

I’ll also have copies, including variant covers, for sale this weekend at the Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo.

Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo: Schedule

Next con coming up...I’ll be at the Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo all weekend April 27-30th as a creator guest. You can find me at table B02.

I’m also on a few panels throughout the weekend, with more potentially being added. For now, you can find me here when not at my table:

Hulks & Hogans: Why Comics and Professional Wrestling Just Can’t Quit Each Other
Thursday, April 27. 7:45 - 8:30 PM. Palomino C

Renegade Arts: When Big Bears Invade Live Reading
Friday, April 28, 6:00-6:45 PM. Palomino H

Comic Book Lettering: The Invisible Art
Saturday, April 29, 3:00-4:00 PM. Palomino H

What I’m most looking forward to is my solo panel on Sunday the 30th, in which I will dive into all the nitty gritty of pitching comics.

The Art of the Pitch
Sunday, April 30. 4:15 - 5:00 PM. Palomino AB
Ryan Ferrier walks you through pitching a comic idea or story to the industry. Make notes, it could help.

If you're in Calgary that weekend and are at the show, do come find me, say hello, and pick up a book if you want. I'll have the usual suspects with me and some new comics in hand.

"A Constant Distraction" Begins in VIOLENT LOVE #3

I'm super thrilled to finally talk about A Constant Distraction, a new comic story created by Jamie Jones (art) and myself (scripts) that's debuting in Image Comics' Violent Love--the incredible new pulp-crime series from writer Frank Barbiere and artist Victor Santos, w/ beautiful design by Dylan Todd.

Each 4-page chapter of A Constant Distraction will be in the back of Violent Love issues starting with Violent Love #3, out January 9, 2017.  Our story is a multi-chapter criminal-coming-of-age tale set in 1970's Las Vegas. I can't wait for you all to see Jamie's incredible work.

I can't say enough about how good Violent Love is. Big, big thanks to Frank and Victor for the opportunity, and for having us. Add Violent Love to your comics pull list!

Mighty Morphin 2017!

With March 2017 solicits hitting the airwaves this week, I'm super excited to finally be able to announce that starting in issue #13 I'll be writing an ongoing backup story for Boom! Studios' mega-hit Mighty Morphin Power Rangers series.

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Pre-Order D4VEOCRACY #1 (Final Week)!

This is the last week to pre-order the first issue of D4VEOCRACY, out January from IDW, written by me and illustrated by Valentin Ramon! 

If you want in on the new, third arc of the acclaimed series, please let your local comic shop know. Call ‘em. Email ‘em. Write ‘em a letter. Messenger pigeon. Whatever. Just give ‘em code NOV160493 and tell them you’re Team Butthorn 2017.

Pre-orders for D4VEOCRACY #1* are due next Monday, December 26th (bearing in mind many shops may not be open over the holiday weekend, run, don’t walk, to your local comic shop)!

Check out the shocking first five pages of D4VEOCRACY #1 below:

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That One Time I Worked With Paul Pope...

One of the wilder things to happen in 2015 was my first opportunity (and hopefully not my last) to work with Marvel. Total dream gig, right? I wrote a Deadpool/Devil Dinosaur story in Secret Wars: Battleworld #3, illustrated by the amazing Logan Faerber. The icing on the cake was another story I wrote in that issue, a one-page Ant-Man comic, illustrated by Paul Pope.

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Encore: On Kennel Block Blues

January, 2017 sees the release of the Kennel Block Blues trade-paperback, the entire collected mini-series that came out earlier this year from Boom! Studios. During its creation, and in the months following its conclusion, I just can't shake what we achieved with this story. From Daniel Bayliss's art, Adam Metcalfe's colors, Colin Bell's letters, and the stellar editorial support from Eric Harburn and Mary Gumport, I can't believe we were able to bring this story to life in such a unique, vibrant, heartfelt way.

Though on the surface Kennel Block Blues follows hapless dog Oliver as he navigates the politics of pet prison, our aim was to dive so much deeper. Kennel Block Blues is about near-suffocating depression. It's about coping with abandonment. It's about losing something you love more than words can describe. It's about guilt. It's about mental health. How we cope. It's about animal welfare. It's about turning a blind eye. It's about humanity. It's about injustice. It's about so much more than what's on the cover. But it's also about hope. It's about singing and dancing. It's about expression. It's about love. 

And above and beyond that, Daniel, Adam, and Colin have taken my scripts and turned them into a story that is beyond beautiful. I truly believe everyone on this book has levelled up profoundly. I'm incredibly proud of this story, and honestly, I want more people to read it. I want more people to connect with it and experience what we're saying. I want people to laugh the way we did when we made each page, and cry like we did when we sat down late at night at the work table. As comics creators, we doubt ourselves and our work a huge amount of the time--but with Kennel Block, we don't. We've made something really special. Completely from the heart.

I genuinely love this story and these characters. If I died tomorrow, my gnarly-ass ghost would be proud that it was a part of this.

Anyways, that's my long-winded ramble asking you to consider pre-ordering Kennel Block Blues, out in January. You can use code SEP161411. Thank you!


I’m so excited to finally be able to talk about this! I’m writing a two-issue arc of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Universe beginning in issue #7, out in February, and concluding in issue #8, in March. Joining me, on art, is my friend and incredible talent, Adam Gorham–I can’t tell you just how happy I am to be doing this with him. Our story is a Donatello-centric two-part story featuring of the robotic Metalhead. Adam and I are so insanely pumped for this.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Universe #7

Ryan Ferrier (w) • Adam Gorham (a) • Freddie Williams ©

“Metalhead 2.0” Part 1! Donatello reboots a new and improved Metalhead only to find that the robot no longer functions entirely as designed… for better and worse!

FC • 32 pages • $4.99

SONS OF ANARCHY Vol. 6 - In Stores 09/28/16

SONS OF ANARCHY Vol. 6 is out this Wednesday, 09/28/16! This is the final story arc of the main S.O.A. series collected in one wicked book. I miss working on this dearly, and am so proud of the story we told. Scripts: me; art: Matias Bergara; colors: Paul Little; letters: Ed Dukeshire; edits: Dafna Pleban & Mary Gumport.

Check out this link for a nice preview of what’s inside.

Pick up a copy this week (and walk to the counter with it, then exchange money in order to retain the book permanently).

Pre-Order HOT DAMN vol. 1 Now!

Don’t forget that HOT DAMN vol. 1 pre-orders are due on 09/29! If you’d like to guarantee your copy of the collected full series, please tell your shop and give ‘em code SEP160558.

HOT DAMN vol. 1 is in stores November 23, and collects the entire five issue mini-series. Over 120 pages, and it’s going to be a beautiful book on the shelf. 

Tell your friends! Pass it on! Praise the lord! Hail Satan!

IDW Announces 'D4VEOCRACY' for 2017!

I'm beyond thrilled to announce that Valentin Ramon (artist, colorist) and myself (writer, letterer) are teaming up once again for a third D4VE series titled D4VEOCRACY.

Launching in January, 2017, D4VEOCRACY will follow the robot hero-turned-desk-job-junkie-turned-hero as he finds his true destiny as the savior of the planet: on the campaign trail for presidency. 

Here's the exclusive announcement through The A.V. Club.